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How the Panel Beating Process Works

You’ve had an accident - what happens next?

Step One

Step 1 - Ring us or your insurance company

If you call us - we’ll answer any questions you may have.


If you call you insurance company while making the claim NOMINATE US as your repairer of choice.

Step Two

Step 2 - Arrange Assessment and Loan Car

We will arrange with you to view your car and arrange an assessment. Or if your car is undriveable we will arrange another car immediately.

While viewing your car we will arrange a time to repair the car and offer a FREE LOAN CAR if you would like one.

We will usually attend to the repair very quickly. If parts are to be procured overseas there may be a delay.

Step Three

Step 3 - Strip down the car

Once the car is onsite and approved to start we will begin the process of stripping down the car and readying it for repair.

Step Four

Step 4 - Panel repair or removal

Once the car is stripped down - we will repair or remove panels and complete the repair.

Step Five

Step 5 - Undercoating

Once the repairs are fully complete, we go through the process of professionally undercoating the repaired surfaces.


Step Six

Step 6 - Oven Bake

Then it’s into the bake oven for a high quality paint finish.

Step Seven

Step 7 - Reassembling and inspection

Once the car is finished in the bake oven, it is reassembled, cleaned, and given a final inspection.

Step Eight

Step 8 - Completion

After final inspection, we sign-off, and let you know that the car is ready for you to pick up.


Do you need a free loan vehicle while your car gets professionally repaired?

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